Thursday, August 30, 2012

Huckabee Invokes the Bono

Oh no he di'n'.  Mike Huckabee invoked the name of the Bono at the tumultuous conclusion of his "sermon of negativity" to the masses gathered in Tampa last night.  Bono, one, if not the only non-partisan figure in Washington, had his good name and extra-ordinary words dragged through the mud last night by the increasingly hostile Huckabee.  This was a breach of their "friendship" and I'll be interested to see if Bono has something to say about it.  I'll try to link the video later, but for now, enjoy the text from Bono's friend, and notice how he never ends the "quote" from Bono.  Ass-hat.  To turn Bono's "extra-ordinary" quote into a political attack on Obama is an outrage!! 

"Sometimes, we're so close to the picture, we can't really see it clearly. I've worked with Bono for the past few years in the ONE campaign to fight AIDS and hunger and disease around the world.
He's an Irishman and a great humanitarian who told me of his admiration for America. He said we're more than a country; we're an idea.
He reminded me that we are an exceptional nation with an extraordinary history who owes it to the generations coming after us to leave them an extraordinary legacy.
If we don't change the direction of our nation now, our bequest will be nothing but an extraordinary shame.

But we can do better.

President Obama is out of gas; Americans are out of patience, and our great Republic is almost out of time."

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bias Exists, Admit It

Interesting article with studies about bias from the Christian Science Monitor:

"When Barack Obama became president, there was talk of a post-racial society, one blind to color. But the only thing we’re blind to is how instinctively biased we all are. If we can learn to see that blindness, there’s a chance we can learn to see more clearly."

I thought these lyrics fit pretty well with the topic of bias, and hey, you can't go wrong with U2 circa 1982, am I right?

I was talking, I was talking to myself
Somebody else talk, talk, talking.
I couldn't hear a word, a word he said.

He was my brother
I said there was no other way out of here
Be my brother (Brother)
Got to get out, got to get out.

I was walking, I was walking into walls
And back again
I just keep walking
I walk up to a window to see myself

And my reflection
When I thought about it
My direction
Going nowhere, going nowhere.

No-one, no-one is blinder
Than he who will not see.
No-one, no-one is blinder
Than me.

I was talking, I was talking in my sleep
I can't stop talk, talk, talking
I'm talking to you, it's up to you

Be my brother
There is no other way out of here
Be my brother
Got to get out, got to get out
Got to get out of here.

Friday, August 24, 2012

No Time To Lose

Here's a link to play this sweet oldie from Carla Thomas... contains some Steve Cropper guitar that is simply perfect, love it! 
Click the play button and a new window will open, you can hear the whole thing:

I've Got No Time To Lose (Single/LP Version)

Amazon link to better sounding mp3: 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ruby Johnson, OMG!

As a longtime Steve Cropper fan (well, I'm 43 and don't remember life before "Dock of the Bay"), I am always amazed by the hidden jewels that keep turning up, but I just discovered this CD, and it's G-O-L-D, I tell ya!  Unlike most collections, it sounds like a cohesive 60 minute album, with the best band on the planet letting Ruby Johnson shine, by playing in their restrained and perfect style.