Thursday, December 23, 2010

Jingle Bells B Funky

Thanks to some dude in the Netherlands, some Booker T. for Christmas. Stick around for the Steve Cropper guitar solo starting at about 1:12, when the cat starts rockin'. Honestly, I am still overwhelmed by the video I posted below this one,

"Booker-Loo" from 1968.

I think it may be the greatest thing I have ever seen/heard.

My Booker T. & the MG's infatuation is reaching a fever pitch, and luckily, they have a Christmas album, only $5 for MP3 from Amazon!

Booker T. & the MG's Slay Me

This, my friends, is a band. Check out this time capsule. Boom!

Watts the... 2010 Lunar Eclipse

1st try on the lunar time lapse. just in time for the Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse.
A couple more at my YouTube page

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sarah Palin: Destroyer of Animals

Don't get me wrong, I love meat, even fish, and I know what it takes to kill them for consumption. But do we want to see Sarah Palin hacking a halibut to death? Or see how fascinated she is with the halibut's still beating heart in her hand?
Then, in the next episode of "Sarah Palin's Alaska", she's taking 6 shots and 2 guns to kill a Caribou. I'm hoping baby seals are next, but would settle for seeing her club Glenn Beck.

Wouldn't she rather be singing "Blueberry Hill" or something..... nice?

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

We Need a Plan

Even Thomas Friedman knows we need a plan. I'm sure the Republicans feel all tingly with their win over Obama, and they have solidified the Cheneyism that "deficits don't matter." Glad to know some things don't change.
Now I know those folks in Washington just saw what it will take to balance the budget with the Simpson/Bowles deal. So how do we begin to reign things in? Tax breaks for all!

"...we need a plan, not just more sugar treats. Surely the cynical quote of the week — courtesy of The Daily Beast — goes to Dan Bartlett, the former George W. Bush administration spokesman who was speaking about the tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans that Bush “temporarily” put in place a decade ago: “We knew that, politically, once you get it into law, it becomes almost impossible to remove it. That’s not a bad legacy. The fact that we were able to lay the trap does feel pretty good, to tell you the truth.”

Bartlett offered no thoughts as to how these budget-busting tax cuts will address our country’s deficiencies today — just a high-five that in the politics of sports, the G.O.P. just scored a goal on Obama.

We don’t seem to realize: We’re in a hole and still digging. Our educational attainment levels are stagnating; our infrastructure is fraying. We don’t have enough smart incentives to foster both innovation and manufacturing; we’re not importing enough talent in an age when we have to compete for jobs with low-wage but high-skilled Indians and Chinese — and we’re still piling up debt. Responding to all this will require a whole new hybrid politics for where to cut, where to save, where to invest, where to tax and where to untax. Shaping that new politics is a revolutionary role I still hope President Obama will play....

...Economics is not war. It can be win-win, so it’s good for the world if China is doing better. But it can’t be good for America if every time we come to a hard choice we borrow more money from a country that is not just out-saving and out-hustling us, but is also starting to out-educate us. We need a plan. "

We need manufacturing jobs, and we need the government to spur investment in battery technology and production. A moonshot for energy on many levels....

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Fringe Entrada 1.618

New Fringe episode tonight!!

Catch up on Fringe by watching these 10 2 minute clips. You'll be a Fringe-worthy and ready to ride the wave with Walter to-night.

Watch the clips