Friday, July 30, 2004

Edwards or Cheney?

edwardsorcheney, originally uploaded by watts4u2.

He does make a compelling impression

Go long!

Go long!, originally uploaded by watts4u2.

I've been an Edwards fan all along, even though I don't always agree with him.

Just getting started....

....with the blog thing, so look for more short, meaningless posts.  I imagine we'll end up with lots of Bono/U2 news and some political commentary and links to interesting articles, etc.    Up from the ether....

Ted & B

Ted & B
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And on the third day, he stood to the left...

Rev. Al meets Bono

Rev. Al meets Bono

"Those are some mighty heavy lyrics, my man"


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Bono @ the DNC in Boston

U2 news article - from @U2

Read this story for an interesting and informative look at Bono and his appearance at the DNC.

"Hope is on the way!"

Some of my Republican friends may be surprised, but I'll be voting for Kerry/Edwards come November.