Monday, March 21, 2011

It didn't seem THAT big

That's what she said! Har Har
Here's a poor time-lapse of the "biggest moon ever" or whatever.

bmwmlhammer480 a video by Watts4 on Flickr.

The best part is right at the beginning, you can see a few stars and the sky color change is dramatic. Too bad that part is over in like 1.5 seconds. (TWSS)

Shot with 10-17mm Pentax lens. I went with f5.6, ISO 100, auto-shutter.... most pics took 20+ seconds, so I didn't get enough pictures, but was able to expose to see some foreground detail. Next time I may be braver and use a zoom + quick exposure to get moon detail.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Monday, March 07, 2011

5 Pack: The "5" Royales

My recent re-fascination with all things Steve Cropper led me to The "5" Royales from Winston-Salem.  What a gold mine of music these guys were!  Led by guitarist/songwriter Lowman Pauling, The "5" Royales started as a gospel harmony group in the 40's, had piano-based do-wop hits in the early 50's, and then revolutionized themselves with electric guitar on some of the greatest songs of the 50's.  They span the bridge from gospel to soul, releasing over 100 songs in a 30 year career.  I'm going to highlight a few of my favorites for ya from throughout their career: 

A 5 pack of the "5" Royales for you.

Item icon The 5 Royales - Just As I Am.mp3

Item icon The 5 Royales - Put Something in It (With All Your Heart).mp3

Item icon The 5 Royales - Say It.mp3

Item icon The 5 Royales - When I Get Like This.mp3

Item icon The Royal Sons Quintet - So God Can Use Me.mp3 

If you like what you hear, let me know.  "Say It" is the rocker, "When I Get Like This", the ballad.  "So God Can Use Me" is the oldest, from the 40's.  Many of their songs are available at