Monday, August 23, 2004

Pillows & Politics

It looks like I may need some more pillows or something to get the most out
of the new keyboard while I'm in bed. I did manage to find the perfect
board to put it on though, so I'm at least half way to being able to pull
this off from the sack. Instead of reading, I can be writing, creating.
I'm having a hard time with my Bush assessment....I've delayed blogging it
because it's all been said by so many others, so many times. Tim Noah from
Slate wrote an article that summed up many of my views on the war, I'm glad
I'm not alone. I'll post that Bush Assessment soon.
Been reading InstaPundit since I discovered it a while back....what is up
with all the Swift Vet talk? Can't we give them both a pass until say 1990
and go from there? Wouldn't that favor Bush? I think we can just look back
at their records over the past 3 years and see what needs to be done.