Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Intelligence Czar

After the 911 commission recommended it, "President Bush is reportedly moving quickly on the recommendation to create his own version of an "intelligence czar."...

Mary Pitt puts it even more starkly.

"But, wait! This concept of having one person to whom all law enforcement and security departments of the government report in detail on the state of the security and needs of the nation does ring a distant bell... It seems that, at some point in our history, we had such a person," she writes.

"If we strain our memories, we could remember such a person, who considered all this information in a studied manner and, with the welfare of the nation in mind, made serious, wise, and well-thought proposals for legislation to implement the safety and continuation of the Union....Now I remember. We called him the president."

From an aricle titled "Shooting Mosquitos on the Titanic" Two mosquito posts in one week, hmmmm