Saturday, August 21, 2004

The Future of watts4u2 blog

Starts today. Flickr is uploading my pictures to Blogger OK from their site, but as for the e-mail, the text for the blog has gone missing. I'll use this opportunity to make some adjustments to watts4u2 blog.

After working with this thing for a bit, mostly uploading pictures and linking to some interesting articles, I have decided to really delve into it.
Well, folks, here we go. I have just taken hold of the newest gadget that will amplify the use of my Clie PDA. It's a now instead of just ingesting from the PDA, I can reverse the flow and get information flowing out of this thing. Right now I am mostly concerned with seeing how this thing works, and so far I am fairly impressed. This is just about as nice as any laptop keyboard I've seen. See the picture below from an earlier post.