Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Morning in Wilmington, now with Swift Vets

Anna Grace is with me today, as Tracey is off to work. She woke up happy and we're off to a good start. Today we are going to the Children's Clinic to get her records together for daycare that starts next week. I know she will really mature quickly playing with other kids more and I want to savor what "little baby" there is left in her. Contemplating a beach run with her today, it is another "U2 song" day out there and if the beach happens, I'll be sure to post some pictures.
Been loving posting pictures to the blog through the Clie. The memory stick compatibility with the Sony camera is just the bomb.
Time to read the news. Amazing how the Republicans have been able to turn Kerry's Vietnam record against him. Um, let's just stack Bush and Kerry's military service records to gether and see who wins? The real media tried to avoid the Swift Vet story's conflicting details because it is, essentially, meaningless.
I wish McCain would press Bush on this issue...this gives him an excuse to change his endorsement to Kerry, whom I am sure McCain respects more than Bush, even if he won't admit it. Yet.