Sunday, July 22, 2012

"He's Not a Good Fit"

 That's what she said. Ba-dump!

“Handshakes, pats on the back, congratulations all around,” Johnson said.
Minutes before the 4:30 p.m. board meeting, Rogers came to Johnson’s office and the two chatted before Rogers said, “We can’t be late for your election.”
The board met by conference call for 20 minutes and approved its new officials, with Johnson and Rogers listening in the same room.
The board then went into executive session, excusing Rogers and Johnson, who prepared to head back to Raleigh.
Several minutes later Johnson got an email from Duke’s lead director, Ann Maynard Gray, telling him to stay. During the executive session Gray introduced a motion: Johnson is not a good fit for Duke, should be removed, and replaced by Rogers, who had been Duke CEO since 2006.
Gray said she knew this would be a shock and expressed her apologies, McKee said. The five former Progress board members began enumerating Johnson’s attributes and qualifications and asked the board to reconsider, McKee said. For one hour, McKee said, Gray kept repeating: He’s not a good fit.
None of the other nine legacy Duke board members spoke.
“There were no answers,” McKee said. “It felt like a lifetime.”
The vote was 10 to 5, with the Duke members siding against the ex-Progress members."

UPDATE:  More info and shenanigans over here.