Tuesday, September 09, 2008

MSM Needs Accountability (like Teachers)

Since the 2004 election, I've been wondering about the intelligence of the American voter. In large part, the Mainstream Media is responsible for our collective lack of knowledge on important issues that face the country. Here's an idea that Republicans might like since it has worked so well for teachers:

From Common Dreams: "Perhaps, we can introduce a system of merit pay for reporters and news producers in which their pay depends on their success in educating the public on key issues, just as many school districts make the pay of schoolteachers dependent on how well their students perform.

Schoolteachers whose students perform badly don't get raises and could even get fired. Imagine that we applied the same standards to CBS, NBC, NPR and The Washington Post. If their audience couldn't answer basic questions about important public policy issues, then the reporters responsible get their pay cut. If the audiences are especially poorly informed, then the reporters get fired.

Unfortunately, this sort of accountability in the media doesn't exist. Most political reporters sound like high school drama coaches as they spend their time talking about candidates' appearance and speaking mannerisms. They almost never bother to discuss the positions advocated by the candidates - that might require a few minutes of real work."

If the MSM did this, news on TV would be worth watching!