Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Give Me That Oldtime Oppression

Give Me That Oldtime Oppression: "As a Christian, I claim a particular historical perspective, namely that handed down by the Bible. The Bible stands as the most anti-imperial tome in human history. It is the story of a people at odds with empire from its inception. The Bible gives us a look at empire from the perspective of the victims. The Jewish people experienced slavery, slaughter, exile and occupation at the hands of various empires.

In his critique of economic practices that allowed the rich to get richer while the poor starved, Jesus was undermining the very foundation of the exploitative Roman economic system. In his opposition the puppet government of the Temple, Jesus was denouncing Roman political repression. In his denial of the use of violence, Jesus was de-legitimizing the most important tool of imperial repression."

And the Declaration of Independence is more than a tad anti-imperial as well. So, why the rush to become the empire? If our country is based on the Bible and the Constitution, we should be trying to avoid being an empire, yet that is what we have become.